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My friend Mr.Sasaki's web site: Avocado Mix update 06/24/05
Chinese musician Jiang Xiao-Qing moved 03/28/04
Chinese restaurant Heichinrou
Chinese online-shopping site of Heichinrou: 29man.com
Shonan Saito Clinic
Canadian Oats update 04/10/03
Maggi bouillon update 04/20/03
Yokohama Philharmonic Orchestra (My friend Mr.Nishi is acting as the trumpeter by this orchestra)
Tony's Trumpet (Web site of Mr.Nishi)
Soups and Stew Top Links You can find many recipes of soups and stews in this web site. add 07/04/03
Natural foods shop GREEN (Japanese language) add 08/15/03
IPPINDOU.com The shop of Phellinus Linteus and Panax Ginsen(Japanese language) add 12/07/03
Porridge of NebulaSearch.com You can find many web site for the porridges. add 01/12/04
Tahishoken The shop of chinese noodles in soup.(Japanese language) add 04/11/04
Fukuume The shop of Umeboshi/Picked ume.(Japanese language) add 05/27/04
www.homedirectorynetwork.com - Home Products Information and more. add 08/29/04
www.s-propolis.com - The specialty store of propolis for health.(Japanese language) add 10/16/04
www.associe-net.co.jp - The site of a supplement and health foods.(Japanese language) add 03/05/05
www.yourjuke.com - It is a site on the themes of cosmetics and health.(Japanese language) add 03/05/05
www.1nemuri.com - The comprehensive information site about sleep.(Japanese language) add 06/20/05

DOSV-NET.COM (Japanese language) This site is a computer parts shop. add 03/03/04

rx78-gundam.com (Japanese language) Do you know GUNDUM? add 03/26/04
uptown-children.com A scene with music. (Japanese language)It is the link collection which offers the information about music and a life. add 05/28/05
forestive.com To the voyage of living alone. (Japanese language)Experience by living alone, experience which comes out other than this are made into episode. add 05/28/05
www.50stt.com Let's enjoy outdoor. (Japanese language)It is the introduction site of play or a sport about outdoor. add 06/20/05
jsr8.com A life-style good for the heart and the body. (Japanese language) add 06/24/05
www.hsr2.com A child's birth and child-rearing information. (Japanese language) add 06/24/05
www.015g.com It is a site on the theme of "relaxing the heart and the body. (Japanese language) add 07/02/05
www.natk.net It is a site for those who enjoy a log house. (Japanese language) add 07/10/05
The trip to Yellowstone. add 05/28/05

LYCOS update 09/20/03

KENT WEB You can find much CGI programs to this site.(Japanese language) add 01/24/04
Pearl Box You can find much materials for web to this site.(Japanese language) add 01/24/04

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